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05/18/18 07:40 AM #191    

Carmen Perez (Perez)

So sorry to learn of PJ’s death. May his family find peace and understanding with their terrible loss. RIP PJ. God Bless๐Ÿ™

Carmen Perez-Perez


05/19/18 03:15 PM #192    

Toby Arbit (Sussman)

I was sorry to hear about PJ. , thoughts & prayers to his family.

06/08/18 10:37 AM #193    

Janis Barrett

MCC classmates:   Congratulations to all on our 50th anniversary of our high school graduation at the Miami Beach Convention Center on June 8, 1968!  I really am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our class reunion in September.  Please visit the website homepage for the latest update and notify all classmates you are in contact with to update their email address and login to the website to stay informed. 


Take care,


06/08/18 02:05 PM #194    

Wanda Gail Lane (Curcio)

Who on this message forum is attending the reunion in September?  I emailed Shirley and Rocelia months ago and asked if they could share who is registered and I did not get an answer from either one.  I would like to see if anyone I know is attending before I go down there.  Thanks, Gail Lane Curcio



06/09/18 01:48 PM #195    


Joyce Gulledge (Taylor)

Wanda, that sounds like a good idea about the attendees already registered.  I plan on going but my twin, Janice, won't be able to.  I'll be thinking of her though.  She's living in South Carolina now.  Looking forward to this reunion.  It's been ten years since the last one and it would be good to see our classmates again who can and will be able to attend.  See you all in September, God willing.

06/09/18 02:38 PM #196    

Paul Edling

Looking forward to the 50th class reunion. Paul and I are staying at the Hotel since we are traveling from Baton Rouge. Looking froward to seeing everyone. 

06/10/18 10:10 AM #197    

Carmen Perez (Perez)

I am also looking forward to the reunion. I have mailed my check and booked the hotel. It is going to be fun,๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

06/10/18 12:26 PM #198    

Dan Gleason

Sorry I can't make it. I'm in Italy flying a B-25 for the 50th anniversary remake of Catch-22. At least I'll make one 50th anniversary!

06/11/18 04:40 PM #199    


Jeanice Abbott (Riles)

I had heard that many of the 1968 class are going to go to the 2019 reunion instead of the 2018 since it was a short notice for our 50th?  Is anyone going to do the 2019 from the rumors that I have heard.  We are going to be on a project in Alabama during these dates for 2018.  Do we have any dates for the 2019 reunion? Please some one let me know for sure. 



06/14/18 12:53 PM #200    

Linda Van Berkel

i also would be interested in knowning if there might be a reunion in 2019 for our class, as i will be missing this year's get together.


06/17/18 11:39 AM #201    

Linda Van Berkel

hi betsy,  thanks for the information concerning next years reunion for the combined classes. both my brothers and i attended carol city, 67-69, in fact my younger brother has already asked me to attend with him so i'm looking forward to attending.

06/18/18 04:08 PM #202    

Janis Barrett

Class of '68:

I am sorry that some classmates cannot make the official Class of '68 50th Reunion in September of this year.  Thanks to the others of you for signing up and calling friends that may not have heard.  I again want to thank Shirley and Rocelia for all of their work to make this happen.  This will be the first reunion united and we all appreciate the continued interest.   I am looking forward to seeing you all there.

For classmates unable to make this Reunion and might be interested in the combined Reunion of classes '67-'70 please contact Betsy, class of '69, at this website:   She can enter you as a "guest" on their website and there you will find all the information.


Janis Barrett



06/18/18 07:33 PM #203    

Carmen Perez (Perez)

I plan on attending the 50th in Sept. I am looking forward to our official reunion, I hope more members of our class can go. See you there Janis. ๐Ÿ˜Š

06/19/18 01:02 PM #204    

Arthur Stonelake

I had paid and will attend  not sure  but going only  one  night i do not live far  from  the hotel  so not a problem  and look forward to  being there   havet talked to a few people  some are going and some not  will go and enjoy

06/20/18 09:40 AM #205    


Albert (Al) Ricketts

I'm looking forward to attending our Reunion in Sept. see you all there


06/21/18 04:38 PM #206    


Susan Farrar (Dontell)

I had been looking forward to the 50th reunion, but I don't think I will make it.  My mitochodnria disease is worse and I have too much pain to drive that far.  And, when I think about it, I knew a lot of people who were known to all, but only a few people knew me who were the hrose people and that is only a handful of people.  If I lived closer I mgiht consider it, but afraid I'll have to pass.  I hope it goes well for everyone else.

06/23/18 05:46 PM #207    


Joyce Gulledge (Taylor)

Hi Susan.  So sorry to hear that you won't be able to attend due to your condition.  I'm not sure I know you but I will be thinking about you and praying for relief of your pain.  Stay positive and strong!  The Universe is at your disposal when you need it; all you have to do is ask and put your requests out there.  Be safe and take care of yourself. Go Class of 68!!!

01/23/19 02:26 PM #208    


Robert Bain

Hi Class of 1968 

Update:  My walk on Camino de Santiago, completed in 30 days, crossing Spain. It was "amazing".

So I have decided to walk it again. Plane leaves for Paris on May 6 and my second camino starts the next day. 

The first day, walking up the Pyrenees Mountains in France was the most challenging. Then after four weeks I injured my right ankle but made it to Santiago on time, limping along for 5 days.

Anyone one who is not a professional hiker or climber and seeks advice on the Camino Trail, contact me. and "Buen Camino"


09/03/19 01:56 PM #209    


Robert Bain


Finished 2nd Walk across the Camino De Santiago Spain, highly recommend you put it on your bucket list. (or at least watch the movie "The Way")


Would like to hear from all who have bithdays in September. I'm turning 7 +0..years this month, where has the time gone?  And Happy Birthday to Don Fedele, 9/20.


09/03/19 03:50 PM #210    

Carmen Perez (Perez)

Robert,  Congrats on finishing your 2nd walk.  I have it on my bucket list.  When I am ready to plan the trip, I hope you don't mind me contacting you for advice.  I turned 70 next July.  It seems like yesterday we were all in high school.  God Blesssmiley




09/04/19 10:18 AM #211    


Susan Farrar (Dontell)

Hey Robert,

I'm a Sept. 5th baby, but I came into school a year early.  I wish I was as healthy as you to do that.  But, no such luck.  I have to live vicariously through your travels.  The brain tumor took it all out of me.

09/05/19 12:02 AM #212    


Robert Bain

For anyone and all that are thinking of walking the Camino, I would be most happy to provide my experience, lessons and insights from walking this spritual path in 2018 and 2019. What I have learned "what to do and what not to do" would be helpful when deciding your journey. Peace to all.

09/05/19 11:36 AM #213    

Terry Morris (Camp)


Hi Robert, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts regarding your exciting adventures and admire you for such accomplishments. I wish you the best birthday ever with continued good health and happiness. , and wish the same for the other MCC September birthdays.   Take care!  BTW, I have the same birthday as Don Fridel.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Teri Morris Camp

09/05/19 04:17 PM #214    

Carmen Perez (Perez)

Happy Birthday to all Sept. babies.   smiley

09/05/19 05:15 PM #215    


Robert Bain


Escaping Modern Stress on the Santiago Caminoโ€‹

This article is well written and reading for all looking for their path in life. (copy and paste in google search.   Robert ("The Way" ...on youtube)






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