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09/15/17 01:04 PM #166    


Valerie Sears (Rowe)


I am so sorry you lost your beach home. That is sad. But, all that can be replaced......I am glad you and your wonderful hubby & family are safe.

Happy Anniversary!


09/15/17 02:03 PM #167    

Carmen Perez (Perez)

So sorry about the loss of your home. Even though it is a very painful loss, thank God your family is alive and well. Happy 50th. May God Bless You and help you in the recovery. 😍🙏

09/16/17 07:38 AM #168    

Linda Kempster (Mendez)

Thank you for your special thoughts. We have each other and our family and friends. We will get through this but know this will take time. The process is overwhelming, mentally, physically and emotionally but i think we've gotten past the shock and now we are moving forward. So much to do. Bill keeps me strong as well as prayers. If anyone ever experiences anything like this and needs information on the process after a disaster they have experienced please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to give any information I can as others are doing for me. I wil always keep the information I collect for others I might be able to help now and in the future. 

09/18/17 08:07 AM #169    

Arthur Stonelake

with all that being said  we need to  have a reunion   one day  at least to get together and share    we need  to do this   for the memories  and  share  the good things of the past and move forward   

09/19/17 02:13 PM #170    


Bobbie Carter (Keller)


If a reunion is in the future, please let me know. or 828-838-5595 Bobbie Carter Keller 


11/27/17 04:31 PM #171    


Susan Farrar (Dontell)

I went to my first Hot Air Balloon Festival in new Mexico.  We also went to Roswell, Carolbad Caverns, white Sands national Monument, etc.

02/10/18 12:21 PM #172    


Robert Bain

Hi Class

My hopes all are having a great start to 2018, the yr of our 50th HS reunion.

After years of consideration I have decided to walk the "Camino de Santiago De Compestella", 780 kilometers across Spain. If you have seen the move "the Way"- Martin Sheen, you will know why.

I leave early May this year and plan to complete the journey in 5 weeks. Although I have trained and completed four annual BPMS 150 (2 day bike ride from Houston to Austin 178miles) this is all walking. (ave 30 kilometers/day in mountains for 33 days).

I realized that having a bucket list is No good if you kick the bucket so this is my time. (although leaving wife and kids at home will be hard).

I hope all of you can complete your Personal Journey as we dont have an expiration date (not on my drivers license). And I wish you well (BUEN CAMINO)

02/10/18 05:26 PM #173    


Susan Farrar (Dontell)

Best wishes.  Take care.

02/10/18 05:51 PM #174    

Carmen Perez (Perez)



I am so happy you are doing the walk. I did see the movie and it was so inspiring. You have to send me the details because I want to add it to my bucket list. Is there a website that helps you plan where you stay, eat, etc? Are you walking alone? I will be praying 🙏 for you on your spiritual journey. May God Bless You!


Yes 50th reunion is a must! 😍     Go Chiefs!!!!


02/10/18 06:41 PM #175    


Tony Uriz

 Buen camino Roberto.  It's wonderful that you will be able to make the beautiful and spiritual journey.  I also enjoyed the link you had sent me about the walk.  I did watch the movie.  It was very moving. I wish you the best my friend.

02/11/18 08:33 AM #176    


Randy Ashurst

Wow Roberto  I've watched that movie several times and it really is so wonderful that you are stepping up and doing this.  I was stationed in Spain in the air force 71-73 and loved the country and foods.  Salute!

02/11/18 09:28 AM #177    


Robert Bain

Thanks to all for your kind words and encouragement. Yes, seeing Spain, via foot, will be an adventure and hopefully I gain from my personal journey. I realized "We don't get out of life alive" and  "We live our lives in moments", so at 68 yrs it was time for me to take a hike. Maybe a pilgrimage will show me "The Way".

02/11/18 01:38 PM #178    


David Woods

it is with a sad heart that i post that my ex wife Dixie Lee passed away Sept. 2, 2017!

02/12/18 10:39 AM #179    


Susan Farrar (Dontell)

David, so sorry to hear about Dixie.  I remember her and her twin Patty.  Didn't they move during senior year?

02/12/18 03:09 PM #180    


Robert Bain


I always wanted to have our yearbook available online. 

here is the class of 1967, in case you had siblings, friends or neighbors in it   



(copy and paste into address bar or have kids do it for you) the site also has 69, 70, 71 and 64 and 66 yrbooks (partial)

02/13/18 07:13 PM #181    


David Woods

thank you, Susan! it was a shock! not really, they stayed, pretty much, in the same area! Dixie and i married in 1970 and Patty married before that! stay cool! peace!


02/14/18 01:26 PM #182    

Don Fedele

Sorry to hear that David.  I remember them both.  They were in my 5th grade class at North Carol City '60-61!  I had just moved down to Florida.  I lost touch with them after that.  If I remember right they were descendants of Robert E Lee?

02/15/18 11:19 AM #183    


David Woods

thank you, Don! it was quite a shock! hope all is well with you!!!


02/15/18 09:45 PM #184    


Leslie Lieberman (Thomas)

I haven't heard anything abou this. They found me for the previous reunions.

02/16/18 01:11 PM #185    


Susan Farrar (Dontell)

So very sad to hear about the shooting in Parkland.sad

03/19/18 10:39 AM #186    

Janis Barrett

Classmates:  please click on Home Page to see info on 50th Reunion!

03/19/18 01:08 PM #187    

Stanley/Diana Zeigler Shipman Shipman

Hope all is well with our classmates..But Stan and I will not be able to attend our 50th reunion.

We have had plans for a while the middle 2 wks of September.. Think about us as you meet and

mingle and reminsce .  Remember we are as young as we feel..............

Again we are sorry.  Have a great time.

Stan and Diana 

05/15/18 12:52 PM #188    

Ronny Aronson

One of our classmates PJ Fagan passed away May 4th after fighting lung cancer for the past 2 1/2 years

05/16/18 05:43 PM #189    


Linda Carley (Burrow)

I’m so sorry to hear about PJ. He was always so nice to everyone and was always happy and was fun to be around.  I will be praying for his family.   Best regards, Linda Carley Burrow 




05/17/18 12:25 PM #190    


Valerie Sears (Rowe)

So sorry to hear about Dixie, Patty and PJ. Enjoy each day to the fullest as you never know when it's your last. Tell your loved ones you love them everyday!

Congrats to you Robert Bain on your wonderful journey! Please post lots of pictures when you return.

I will not be attending the 50th reunion this year as by the time, I heard about the reunion I had already booked my next great European adventure. Four days in London and then on to Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands. I will continue to travel to Europe as long as my health allows.

I will try to attend the '67 reunion next year.

Life is good right now, my sister Anndrea's chemo seems to be working (she has stage IV lung cancer). My youngest daughter is expecting her 8th child (4th for her plus 4 step children) in August. My Granddaughter, Madisen Beaty is still doing the acting scene in Hollywood, CA. I'm still dating after ending a 2 year relationship in Oct. I have a wonderful job at ConocoPhillips just 11 minutes from home.

Life is good! I wish you all health and happiness!


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